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77 GYM • Indoor and outdoor fitness equipment supplier

Welcome to the World of indoor and outdoor fitness equipment.

We specialize in supplying, manufacturing and installing of indoor and outdoor fitness equipments as well as distributing other fitness accessories. Our goal is to reach the widest user group of fitness equipments and give them a long-term solution.

In recent years we realized that the body building is still very popular, but there is a new trend as well, the functional workout, using your own body weight, like in TRX, CrossFit, Cross training and so on. 77gym is dedicated to make impeccable equipment for the mentioned types of workout.

Don’t hesitate! Get in touch with us!


Why the 77GYM?

Product categories

Functional Rigs

77 Gym’s power racks can be personalized to your specific needs for either crossfit, crosstraining or even your home gym.


TRX frames

Our TRX stands are ideal for numerous types of group trx trainings and can be expanded to better suit the needs of any given functional fitness workout. Create combinations where the sky’s the limit, or rather the gym walls.




Street Workout

Check out our sample parks with different sizes and equipment. You can always create your own park and we are ready to help you to do it! You can also find all of our park elements, so build your own park!


Fittness flooring

The anti-slip and flexible rubber surface to the gyms. This rubber sheet can when damps the weights when falling and protects the sports equipments.






+36  70 397 2638



Gábor Nagyistván

+36 70 469 9970

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